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Program and Schedule

VentureNursery organises Acceleration Programs three to four times a year, approximately one every quarter. Our Acceleration Program aims to mentor and guide start-ups in several business building basics and refine their proposition, business models and scaling plans.

Here’s a partial list of what you get as part of the VentureNursery Acceleration Program.

  • Physical working space and basic working infrastructure at no cost
  • On-going strategic guidance by Angels-in-Residence
  • Access to our business support partners
  • Regular mentoring by our Advisors-in-Residence and other experts, through lectures, workshops and one-on-one counselling sessions
  • Experiential learning with top angel investors, partner level VC’s, C-suite executives, bankers, serial entrepreneurs, Government officials and other high quality start-ups through lectures and workshops
  • Assistance in business plan preparation
  • Assistance in building management or founding team
  • Soft skills training, including business etiquette, presentation skills and anxiety management
  • Support in intellectual property management
  • Help with regulatory compliance
  • Links to potential strategic partners for your business
  • Networking opportunity with seasoned entrepreneurs and executives
  • Opportunity to pitch to group of angel investors at the end of the program
  • Access to many high profile potential investors
  • Natural PR around your joining the VentureNursery acceleration program
  • Post Acceleration support

In addition to this, you will also learn from your peer participants as you work through a high energy, supercharged work environment for 90 days.

If you are an aspiring participant, please remember, all of this is offered by VentureNursery management and core team on a best efforts basis and sometimes, you may be required to accommodate your schedule and availability to that of our Charter Angels, Advisors, Mentors and others, in order to maximise your learning opportunity.