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Our VN Angels are meant to be more than just investors. This is a group of highly accomplished and experienced people who have seen a lot – starting, building and often exiting businesses successfully. They are active angel investors and are natural mentors for young businesses. Many of them sit on the board of directors of start-ups. Whether individuals or VC firms, they are truly inspired by the opportunity to help bring ideas out of your mind and paper plans, to life.

When you pitch to them, you will get critical feedback that can go a long way in helping you avoid costly mistakes and optimise your opportunities. You will also get seriously evaluated by them for seed funding that will give your business an essential lifeline that may last several months.

Do keep in mind an important thing though. Our VN Angels would like to give you a small seed investment, but whether you actually get it or not, depends entirely on how strong a case you make of your idea and your ability to execute it.

Hello Angel Investors and VCs, if you would like to explore joining us as a VN Angel, please get in touch with us on

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